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Mrm Group Textile

With our experience in the sector, our importance to quality and keeping customer satisfaction above everything else enabled Mrm Textile to be one of the leading firms in the sector.

High-Quality Manufacturing

World Standard
Manufacturing Philosophy

We are emphasizing our R&D work to realise our targets to take a step further. In addition to our expert team and wide range of product portfolio, we are working hard to manufacture new quality piece as well as different weaving and printed patterns.

We are unifying elegance and quality with fabric.

With our technologic investments, we have reached 36,000,000+ meter per year shawl, scarf and textile fabric capacity in our 5,000 m² fully integrated closed area manufacturing facility.

Adopting innovation and development as a principle has become the most important factor for our rapid development from yesterday up to this day; with our flexible structure that can match the changing world, we managed to make the connection with our customers permanent.

Mrm Textile formed a gentlemanlike relationship based on mutual trust with business partners as well as the competitors in a competitive commerce sector and contributed to this sector with a quality service-oriented approach.   Service quality is settled as a natural reflects due to uncompromising customer satisfaction.

MRM Textile is proud of its international reputation to be the best fabric and fabric-related product manufacturer.

We are vertically integrated full-service confection manufacturing company from innovative product development to logistic organisations.

We have high factory efficiency with modern facilities, machinery and equipment, safe and clean working conditions and high-efficiency operators.

We are constantly working to be creative at every stage of our manufacturing to sustain innovation.


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