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Subtle manufacturing since 1996

Mrm Textile continues manufacturing activities by using the latest technological opportunities and considering fashion world trends.

36,000,000+ per year fabric weaving capacity on 5.000 m2 full-integrated closed area manufacturing facility

In addition to our expert team and wide range of product portfolio, we are working hard to manufacture new quality piece as well as different weaving and printed patterns.



Mrm Textile undertake R&D work with a high level of seriousness for the sustainability of preserving quality standards. We are offering products to match changing global trends after conducting regular researches with expert and dynamic team. Mrm Textile adopted innovation and development as the core principle and with these principles, it has become one of the leader firms in the sector.



Due to our sensitivity on quality, we are completing thread winding in our facilities to preserve our quality standards. Our firm has 600 ton per year thread winding capacity.

Wrap Tambouring


We are carefully monitoring the entire process from accepting the thread to our firm until manufacturing the end product without compromising our quality approach. Our expert team is aware that wrap tambouring process which is the first stage to turn the thread into the product is important for our quality and our team completes 12,000,000 meters per year wrap tambouring process.



Mrm Textile that has become one of the leader firms in the sector with the experience gained since 1996 manufactures glittered, viscose, pashmina, taffeta, satin, cotton and flamed fabric in jacquard loom and dobby weave equipped with the latest technology. Mrm Textile has 36,000,000 meters per year fabric weaving capacity and this capacity is increasing every day with its growing structure.

Fringe Process


As Mrm Textile, long fringes in manufactured shawls are processed in our fringing machines. We have 5,400,000 per year-long fringe shawl manufacturing capacity.

Dyeing Facility


Our dyeing facility equipped with advanced technology can manufacture 4000 ton per year with washing, chemical finish, plain dye and double dye functions.

Digital Printing


As the design is emphasised in this period with the advancement of the fashion sector, we are offering our services to our customers as Mrm Textile to manufacture the newest trends in our facilities. In addition to our wide range of pattern portfolio, we can manufacture special pattern design and variant based on customer demands and needs. With our customer satisfaction oriented approach, we can manufacture 1,200,000 pieces of digital printed shawl and scarfs per year.



In our confection section which is the last stop before the customers, we are meticulously doing the last control of dyed and/or printed end-products. Our products inspected with “control from the eyes of our customers” are prepared for our customers by our confection team. Our confection section has 12,000,000 per year capacity and our capacity is increasing gradually.
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