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Quality Wholesale Pashmina Scarf Manufacturing and Sales

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“Our firm that always considers customer satisfaction is the leader in wholesale pashmina scarf manufacturing sector. We are constantly renewing and matching the requirements of the period with our R&D work. We are both manufacturing and selling wholesale pashmina scarf products with our expert team in this field. We are manufacturing pashmina scarfs in our high-manufacturing capacity facilities based on demand.

As a firm that believes in the power and value of manufacturing, we are manufacturing 36 million square meter wholesale pashmina scarf and foulard every year. Additionally, we are taking an active role in manufacturing other textile frequently demanded in the sector. We are working with the support of high-technology in our 5 thousand square meter closed manufacturing facility. Our innovation-based vision accompanies our power at world standards.”

Mutual Trust and Service Approach

We continue to manufacture with mutual trust among our business partners that we have completed projects together. The fundamental principle that we care is 100% customer satisfaction without compromise.

Wholesale Pashmina Scarf
Pashmina Scarf Manufacturing

“As MRM Textile, we continue to supply textile products to the firms with fast and quality service approach. All of our facilities have modern infrastructure and operate with the state-of-art equipment. You can find the traces of this innovative approach in all our scarf and other textile product manufacturing. We emphasise cleanness and safety in our work conditions. From the highest point to the lowest point, our staff works to meet the customer demands in our high-manufacturing capacity factories.

The priority of our operators is high efficiency and quality service. Additionally, we are always open to creative ideas as a firm. You can ask for our catalogue and view the textile products that we export to different countries with their images. You can ask your colour chart and catalogue demands from our WhatsApp line or by filling the form on our colour chart demand page. After receiving your demand, your colour chart and catalogue will be delivered to the address in the shortest time possible.”

Additionally, you can order our most innovative and creative products by contacting us on our +90 850 840 77 20 WhatsApp line.

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